Windur is a historical warfare and lifestyle reconstruction group. Our team was founded back in 2010 by our circle, since then we attended lots of events non-abroad and abroad.
Our intention is to reenact the lifestyle and warfare of the 10-11th century rus and varangian warriors and household. With our camp, gear and equipment, we try to revive a more reliable picture of the age by introducing its culture, gastronomy, art and fight technics. When it comes to developing our clothing, arms, armour, and camp equipment we always try to take their authenticity into consideration, so our sources are mostly period descripcions, artefacts, findings, and depictions. We would like to reconsturct many crafts from the era, so we make most of our equipment by ourselves, using early medieval technics.
In our gallery some of our products can be found.

We are willing to build up contacts with other groups, organisations and people in order to work together, and help each other.

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